CHEF’S RECOMMENDATIOINS – Mildly seasoned with a creamy fruity flavour, Ideal if you don’t like your dishes too spicy!


Chicken or Lamb cooked in an almond sauce with fresh cream, highly flavoured with fruits and nuts.


Chicken or Lamb mildly spiced with a touch of yogurt, cream, seasoning onions and nuts.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massalla

Diced Chicken or Lamb marinated in tandoori spices, grilled on charcoal and cooked in a creamy tandoori sauce with mild herbs and spices.

Tandoori Jumbo Prawns Massalla

Jumbo prawns marinated in yogurt and mild spiced, cooked over charcoal and then gently cooked in mild creamy tandoori sauce topped with almonds.

Tandoori Makhan Chicken

Tandoori chicken tikka cooked in a butter sauce, tomatoes and fresh cream and topped with nuts.

Murghi Mussalam

This is a very special dish form Indian cuisine. Half of a spring chicken, stuffed with diced lamb, egg, cooked and covered with temping thick sauce of red wine and fresh cream with delicately spiced.

Chicken Patala

Spring Chicken cooked with mixed herbs, onion and garlic in a special sauce €15.95

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